Founded in Los Angeles, California, Caroline Tombolesi left her corporate architect job after 15 years to create Urbana Sacs. She wanted to get back to hands-on design that connected with people on a personal level. The first thing she did when she quit was design a porcelain espresso set with washable leather coasters and in making the set, she stumbled across a unique leather-like paper fabric. Excited by and curious about the fabric, she purchased it and began to play with it. She was instantly recharged and inspired by what else she could create with this incredible sustainable material. This is where the story of Urbana Sacs was born.

Urbana Sacs uses a washable paper textile that is sustainable and lightweight. It is made with a variety of virgin pulp fiber blends and recycled polyester felt.  What is important to the company is that this textile is manufactured through cultivation and not deforestation.  It washes like any other fabric, maintaining its composition so it can be used over and over again.  Its unique properties also make it a malleable and flexible material, allowing people to shape their bag like clay. 

Caroline initally designed the sacs to organize and hold all of her favorite items and accessories.  She personally uses the sacs now a hundred different ways.  In the kitchen, she keeps exotic salts and raw sugar in the x-small bags and for movie nights she serves guests popcorn in individual small bags.  In the living room, she plants succulents in them, or hold magazines and books.  In her bathroom, she uses the x-small ones to hold cosmetics, and a very large urbana sac to hold rolled up bath towels for guests. And, in her studio she has them stuffed with paint brushes, pencils, business cards, all kinds of supplies, and materials she collects for projects.

At Urbana Sacs, they believe in ethical and sustainable business practices. Not only is the fabric they use for their entire product line reusable and eco-friendly, they also employ only local labor resources.





Made with a sustainable light-weight textile infused with a special blend of virgin pulp fiber and recycled polyester felt. 



Each item is this collection is made with washable paper and can be reused several times. Just throw them in the washing machine and they will come out better than ever.



Manufactured through cultivation and not deforestation.