Through the Tunisian handicraft industry, Pouffy Designs was able to gain support for international exporting. The Founder, Essia Chaloueh, started her business three years ago with developing traditional textiles in a modern reinterpretation.

We met Essia in New York (of all places...) and she introduced us to the Tunisian culture and the world of craft in North Africa. A true businesswoman, Essia has created a company focused on reviving the history of Tunisia through craftwork. She collaborates with talented Tunisian craftswomen for a line of decorative products using local materials such as hayek wool and olive wood. At Pouffy Designs, they aspire to transmit a contemporary vision of Tunisian traditional craft which is rich with cultural influences inherited throughout centuries of change.

Pouffy Designs' mission is very similar to ours and that is the core of why we're working together. We want to build a similar future, full of traditional craft and textiles.


Their mission is to enable several struggling rural craftswomen from different regions of Tunisia to provide for their families and to keep their crafts alive. 

Through this, they aim to revive a plethora of traditional Tunisian products, either in their designs, through the materials they are made of, or through their production process. This is what makes their products unique and imprinted with history and culture specific to Tunisia.