Based out of Toronto, Canada, Jacqueline Flaggiello is a multi disciplinary designer, photographer and entrepreneur. Her curiosity in design, tech and sustainability lead her to create Jolie Laide - a travel and lifestyle brand that currently produces leather camera straps and camera bags with artisans in Leon, Mexico. Her ultimate aim is to continually advocate for sustainable systems in production and design while also encouraging the craft of photography not only as a medium for artistry but also as a tool for education and social change.

In an industry dominated by mass production in low wage countries, Jolie Laide is truly distinctive. They care about the cycle of design, production and distribution. Each step of the process – from the effect of the leathers on the environment, to the health, safety and well-being of their workers, to the consumers who purchase their products- must be aligned with their ethics and mission. Working with a small family-run artisan community in León, Guanajuato, México, Jolie Laide employs and empowers these craftspeople while paying them a fair, living wage.

Jolie Laide combines the exotic with the classic, bridging the craftsmanship and traditions of both worlds to design accessories that are both innovative and refined. They are created for professional – and amateur – photographers who desire accessories that are not only beautiful and have character –but are also comfortable, and built to last.

The term Jolie Laide literally translates to unique or unconventional beauty but connotes a quality of lyricism, even transcendence. In that sense, it represents a triumph of personality over physiognomy, the exaltation of substance over surface.





Using photography not only as a medium for artistry but also as a tool for education and social change.



Working with small family-run artisans in Leon, Mexico, Jolie Laide practices sustainable systems in her design and production processes.



No chemicals are used in the dyeing of leather skins.