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n collaboration with ANTHILL, this striped pillow cover is made in Benguet, Philippines located on the west coast of Luzon island. The weave design is similar to the Santiago weave type with some subtle differences.

This neutral colored pillow cover was made by Marina, an artisan with Leila’s Loomweaving in Vigan. A neutral accent pillow with a touch of silver in the middle is far from boring. The simple design will add a modern touch to your curated space and perfect for the holiday season. The back of the pillow has a smooth black polyester finish. This pillow cover can fit any standard 20”x20” pillow cushion and takes one day to complete.

Naty Quiday, the owner of Leila’s Loomweaving, started her co-op several years ago when she saw that more and more women were leaving their homes to find jobs elsewhere. The women were no longer able to care for their children and spent months and sometimes even years without seeing their families. She started this co-op to provide opportunities to women locally and with a flexible schedule. We had the opportunity to spend some time with Naty and her team of artisans and we are so inspired to see the impact she’s created within her community.

Naty sources scrap cotton and polyester threads from markets in the Luzon region to produce yarns for the weaving process. Once the yarns have been created, she prepares the warps and provides them to weavers at their home or at the weaving center. Each artisan is paid by the amount of fabric they weave. It’s flexible to their schedule and celebratory events. On average, each artisan is able to weave 240 yards per month and is paid 25% more than the average worker in town. The difference is that they are able to work from home and care for their families at the same time. 

At the co-operative, Naty’s mission is also to sustain the craft of weaving. She explains to us that there has been a gap of women who don’t know how to weave and her mission is to teach young women in their community this craft. Incentives are given to experienced weavers to mentor young weavers from their community.



Color: Black, White, and Gold
Material: Front: 100% Cotton, Back: 100% Polyester
Dimensions: 20” x 20” 
Weight: 1lb
Handwoven in Benguet, Luzon, Philippines
Care Instructions: Hand-wash or machine wash friendly


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