The Artemis Camera Strap

The Artemis Camera Strap


The Artemis is created in collaboration with Artemis Design Co. we have chosen this intricate and colorful soumak, sourced directly from Turkey.

Our collaboration in creating these splendid camera straps is unique because each and every textile used in the making of The Artemis comes from a large intricate carpet tapestry, which includes colorful fragments of techniques and motifs used on kilim.


Most cameras are compatible with our leather camera straps, as they are adjustable and can be used as a neck-strap or shoulder sling. Our camera straps naturally fit all cameras with rectangular lug mounts that are 1cm wide and 2mm thick, which includes all Canon and Nikon DLSRs.


Full Length: 43 Inches

Neck Length and Width: 20 x 1.3 Inches

Lower Length Laid Flat: 15 Inches

Lower Length (while attached): 11-12 Inches

Camera Hoop Insert: 2mm thick x 1cm wide

Textile: Soumak is an ancient type of flat weave, somewhat resembling but stronger and thicker than kilim, with a smooth front face and a ragged back, where kilim is smooth on both sides.

Leather: Full-Grain Vegetable Tanned Leather
Hardware: Brass Buckles

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