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In the Middle Atlas Mountains of Morocco, these rugs are made by our artisan group, Manbel Berbere. A beautiful and intricate piece that can be used as an area rug or hung on the wall as an art piece. This rug takes six to twelve weeks to hand-weave so it certainly deserves some (if not, lots of) wall space.

We offer customized Beni rugs to suit your design and size specs. Please contact us with what you’re looking for and we’ll provide you with a quote and estimated completion date. To give you and idea of pricing, a 3x5 rug will cost roughly $400 and a 5x8 rug will cost roughly $850.

This rug is made with the traditional tribal design called “Beni Ourain”. Each design varies from each other in the size of the diamonds and the thickness of the lines showcasing the beauty of human-made products. Made with 100% soft sheep wool, this rug has 4” tassels on one end and a straight line on the other. Authentic Beni rugs will only have one end of tassels as that signifies the end of the handloom; the straight edge signifies the beginning of the handloom.

Manbel Berbere is an organization that represents several rug makers between the Middle Atlas region to the South of Morocco. In business for over 10 years, Manbel Berbere understands the importance of quality craftsmanship and the importance of sustaining traditional culture. The owner, Uncle Joe (as we call him), is a true Berber himself from the Middle Atlas Mountains and started this organization as a way for Berber craftspeople to showcase their designs and earn an income.



Color: White with Black Lines
Material: 100% Sheep Wool
Handwoven in the Mid Atlas Mountains, Morocco


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