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Each fabric notebook is one-of-a-kind and made with upcycled hand-dyed fabric. The notebooks are hand-bound and sewn by a co-operative of women in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Each piece will vary from each other. At Department of Artisans, we practice a "zero waste" initiative and are cautiously measuring our waste consumption. These pieces of fabric are left over from other items such as scarves and pillow cases. 

The fabric uses the technique of batik dyeing which is unique to the Indonesian heritage and culture. Batik is a traditional craft that uses the application of hot wax to design each pattern. Once the pattern has been designed, the wax is boiled off and dyed accordingly. This process happens 2-15 times in order to achieve the final colors and design pattern intended. It is an extremely labor intensive process. 

The co-operative of women consists of four artisans who are between the ages of 40 and 55. They all have families and children over the age of 18 and are looking for other means of work and livelihood as their children have grown up. This new career path offers them a flexible opportunity for socializing and a new means of income.

We offer the notebooks in two sizes and multiple patterns and colorways. The notebooks make for a great gift and adds a curated design element to your every day routine. 


Material: Interior: 100% Recycled Paper, Exterior: 100% Recycled Cotton
Dimensions: 5.5” (w) x 7.5” (l)
Weight: 0.5lb
Handmade in Yogyakarta, Indonesia


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