With the first glance at these wine sippers, all you can feel is peace, calmness, and serenity. Yuki Kianna is a genius when it comes to designing her beautiful ceramics. Using her lakeside studio in Nelson, British Colombia, Canada, her inspiration comes from nature and its surroundings. These wine mugs exemplify exactly that and will inspire you to take a brisk winter walk along the lake.

The mugs are perfect for the winter months. Fill them with a bold cup of strong dark roast or a creamy cup of hot cocoa. Each design and shape is subtly different from the other showcasing the beauty of human-made products. The wine mug comes in two colorways – fog gray or nelson blue, and with or without a fine detail of gold intertwined.

Yuki mixes her own glazes and is constantly experimenting with new techniques. Pieces that don’t make it into her kiln are placed in water, dissolved into a clay slurry, and spread out to dry and wedged back into usable clay. This is all done in the effort to minimize waste.

Yuki's work is born out of a childhood that was lived in the outdoors. Her creative energy comes from being surrounded by the vast mountains, lakes, forests, and oceans of British Columbia. Her pieces often are created to reflect this rock and wood. With simplified designs, she reveals the natural elements at work within the medium, showing that beauty can be built without machines. 


Note: When purchasing, please choose the wine mug by number. The last two photos have numbers labeled with each mug.  



Color: Fog Gray or Nelson Blue
Material: 100% Clay
Dimensions: 3.5” (h) x 3” (dia) 
Weight: 1lb
Handmade in Nelson, Canada
Care Instructions: Dishwasher Safe


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