Using innovative technology, this vase is created with 100% upcycled crushed limestone. In collaboration with Altum, an organization focused on using sustainable technology, we have designed a collection of large, bold copper vases.

This light-weight vase is not only bold with copper accent but also bold in size. Whether it’s a statement center piece for the dining room table or a subtle accent piece in the corner of your kitchen, this piece will sure start a conversation. The bottom portion of the vase is dipped in a copper finish while the top is finished with a marble pattern.

Altum is a true pioneer in sustainability, using only scrap materials, each product is created through sophisticated technology invented by their very own team. With 30 years of experience, they have created countless jobs for artisans in their city and have even created their own community built specifically for their artisans. With this community, artisans have a place to live (for free), schools were built for their children, and scholarships are given every year to students in need. All of these things were created with the focus to increase their livelihoods and quality of life.



Color: Marble + Copper
Material: 100% Crushed Limestone
Dimensions: 6” (dia) x 8.75” (h) 
Weight: 3lbs
Made in Makati, Philippine


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