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This is a one-of-a-kind traditional home décor piece made by Jutawan Kadek, an artisan living in Ubud, Bali. Each piece is hand-carved with a traditional Balinese pattern.

After cultural celebrations, Jutawan collects and repurposes each cow head by creating a unique art piece for your home. The authentic cow head is ethically sourced in rural North Bali. Once the skulls have been sourced, Jutawan washes and shaves off the first layer. A protective coating is then applied to protect and sustain the material. After this, he spends, on average, three days to hand-carve a unique pattern on the skull or to hand-paint a traditional Balinese story. It takes fine detailing to perfect this craft.

Jutawan Kadek was born and raised in North Ubud. His father passed down this craft to him at a young age and has practiced it for over 15 years. Jutawan is 27 years old with a young family. More recently, he was able to transform his passion for hand-carving art from being a side hobby to a professional practice. We are excited to empower him as an entrepreneur and see him grow with the Department of Artisans.



Material: 100% Cow Head
Dimensions: 13" (w) x 24" (l)
Weight: 8lbs
Handmade in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
Shipping: Each cow head is securely wrapped and packaged to ensure it safely arrives at your home. The horns are also detachable for safe and easy shipping.


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